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What is Biophilic Design?

Over 40 years ago, both Erich Fromm and Edward O. Wilson put forward the hypotheses that Biophilia was the innate relationship between humans and nature within their living environment. In the 21st century such a connection, with its preference for natural environments over sterile constructed ones, has been confirmed by much research.  Today, there is no doubt that the spaces we work and play in have distinct physiological and psychological impacts on our health and how we go about our daily tasks and interactions.


In a 2004 study, people asked to describe their ideal city invariably described spaces with non-urban characteristics and an abundance of greenery. Design focused on bringing experiences of nature to us in the built environment includes living plants, water, sources of daylight, natural materials, calm areas and views to exterior landscapes. Making both interiors and exteriors more attractive can help reduce stress, enhance mood and increase productivity. 

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93% of workers in the tech industry said they would stay longer at a company that offers healthier workspace benefits, with options ranging from greener space [biophilic design integration], wellness rooms, company fitness benefits, sit-stands, healthy lunch options and ergonomic seating.


Guests  are willing to pay 23% more for rooms with views of Biophilic elements;

When  living spaces are  more calming & restorative, 7-8 % less crime is attributed to those areas with access to nature and can command an increase of 4-5% in property price.


Post-operative recovery times were shown to decrease by 8.5% and pain medication was reduced by 22%;

In Education spaces  increased rates of learning 20-25% were found with improved test results, concentration levels and attendance and reduced impacts of ADHD


It is very clear that indoor environments have a great influence on our  attitudes, behaviours,  satisfaction  and  work performance. At home or in the office, it is where we need to be in top form. Increasing consumer awareness of environmental issues and a growing interest in biophilic design are driving the adoption of green technology and sustainability solutions and services in the market.

Biophilic design is more than just putting a few potted plants in the lobby or installing natural finishes. It is about finding eco-friendly, sustainable solutions for spaces that people spend alot of time in. With the right sources and partners, any budget or vision can be accommodated - the NatureSpace network can show you how. 

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