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NatureSpace is a cloud-based Biophilic design, Materials procurement,  Logistics and Project management  platform. We deliver workflow automation and infrastructure within our distributed Network.   NatureSpace offers everything you need to efficiently run and scale up your business in light of economic and eco-sustainability concerns.  

Biophilic Transformation

Eco-Sustainability, with its core concern for future generations, focuses on the long-term.  The crucial mission of leaving people and the planet better than today is challenging given its complexity for sustainability’s triple bottom line that include economic, social, and environmental considerations. It cannot happen in isolation and requires a coordinated approach from businesses, investors, and governments.

It is our belief that eco-sustainability is the biggest economic opportunity of our times.


Our Mission
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The Problem

Presently, the domains of eco-sustainability and biophilic design integration are faced with inefficiencies in sourcing and executing services. As many different parties are involved during the origination, collection of information, negotiation and execution of these services, problematic communications often result in delays and higher costs.


These issues have hampered market development and cost-efficient transactions. Biophilic companies need to connect with their markets in order to grow. To connect, companies need a network: NatureSpace is that Network.


the problem

The Solution

NatureSpace is the first Global Network to aggregate Eco-sustainable and biophilic design service providers using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT - Blockchain) with integrated AI: our Mission is to resolve those issues surrounding the management of eco-sustainable and biophilic design projects which impact market development - IP, finance, both human and material logistics, payments and maintenance costs to reduce overall transaction costs and enable precision project portfolio valuations. 

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